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Black Light Theatre of Prague - We introduce you the BLACK LIGHT THEATRE OF PRAGUE

Almost everyone coming to the Czech Republic knows that will be visiting a country of a painter Alfons Mucha, a writer Franz Kafka, composer Antonin Dvorak and a beer, Pilsner Urquell. So it is written on the billboard at the Prague airport. But most of them also knows that this relatively small country in the very heart of Europe is famous for its culture even, first of all for the classic music, Laterna Magica and the black theatre. The first black theatre was founded in 1961 and since that has widened renown of this interesting technology about the whole world. The principle of the technology is based on a new creative exploitation of the simple trick, the so-called black cabinet. The base of that was recognized somewhere in ancient Asia thousands years ago. But, before the creation of the first black theatre, this technology was used by illusionists, film makers (Meliés) and also by the famous theatre director K.S.Stanislavskij, in the thirties of the past century. At the moment such personalities as the world most famous illusionist, David Copperfield uses and/or a pop-star Madonna used it during their live shows.

In the practice of the Black Light Theatre of Prague it means that the black costumes of actors with their props cannot be seen from the point of view of the audience against the black background. The props, the objects are so able to move and thus also to live their own life. And the spectator believes they are full of passion, ire, glee, love…, depending on the certain roles. But, it is also a brilliant movement of the objects around the visible actors.

The Black Light Theatre of Prague communicates with its audience only by means of music, pantomime, dance and exploiting its specific technology without a usage of a spoken word. Black theatre technique has a characteristic shade of indefinable mystery which you won´t find in any other art form, and which is recognised by people without regard to cultural differences. That means all the performances are thus cosmopolitan and understandable and more driving the spectators to transfer themselves from the passive watching towards the active co-creation.

Literally anything is possible on the Black Light Theatre stage. You can see there things going on you will not see in any other theatre even if you search took you right to the Antipodes. The moon there can descent right down to the Earth to become a swing for lovers, directly in front of the spectators’ eyes a new life is born, shaped as exotic butterflies from the cocoons and they dance with the raising sun. As a matter of fact it is a small theatre of great wonders. It is a return of a theatrical thaumaturgy onto the stage.


"IMAGINATION IS GOOD WHEN the observer does not understand right away, on how the trick is done and that is its course: Cheerful, beautiful and fun and for me it is something like a glass of sparkling Champagne." - Konstantin Sergejevič Stanislavskij

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Prague&Me - Black Light Theatre of Prague
Black Light Theatre of Prague

Rytirska 31,
Prague 1
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+420 725 830 655

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Box office is located right next to the Theatre entrance, open every day Monday – Sunday.