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Prague&Me - Coyotes bar
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Coyotes bar - It can all get a little bit wild and crazy at times but never too much!

Coyotes Prague is a very trendy show bar where you can have a full evening's entertainment and go home in the early morning totally pleased and probably pleasantly exhausted. Because here is where great food, exotic cocktails, and the best dancing music is available every time they open.

Coyotes Prague a large space also with loads of room to gather with friends, meet people, tuck in to some excellent cuisine, and of course dance. Because from 10pm onwards the best of DJs are already spinning a dazzling array of mainly familiar sounds some going back to the great days of the 70s and 80s. It is then that the show really gets going and the dance floor is filled with the grooviest moves.

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Great place!
We sat at a bar, and girls (bartenders) were really attentive and friendly. We drunk a lot but we didn't pay much as we would in the UK. Great show from the ladies;)

Lisa UK
Re: Coyotes bar
After a long day walk I went to Coyotes bar for a good night drink. Full of people, mix of tourists and locals.It was fun to go and I really enjoy their show at the bar :) Prices are a bit higher so you will pay more for a beer than in many other pub.

A good place!
We went out to check out bars in the center of Prague, and this one is the best bar in the Old Town area. Fair prices, friendly ladies at the bar (they did their show when they get on the bar dancing....), cracking atmosphere, nice music.

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Prague&Me - Coyotes bar
Coyotes bar
It can all get a little bit wild and crazy at times but never too much!

Malé námÄ›stí 2
Prague 1
+420 224 216 000
+420 775 311 451


Opening hours:
Mon - Sun: 9:00 - 2:00