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Desigual - A world of unique colors and patterns

Unique Spanish fashion brand Desigual brings you a world of unique colors and patterns, which is famous around the world. Desigual in their collection uses the highest quality materials, they don’t fear using the unconventional styles and to focus on small details on each of its product - be it embroidery or various applications emphasizing its uniqueness.

Desigual in Spanish means "unequal", which is evidenced in each new collection.
Every collection is “unequaled” in design and quality. Brand designers work with novel stitching techniques and combinations of unique patterns and colors. 

The company Desigual also regularly collaborates with Christian Lacroix and Cirque du Soleil.

One of the most intriguing collections to grace Desigual’s shelves has to be for example the clothing line that was inspired by the mystery and magic of the Cirque du Soleil; the combination of Desigual’s bold designs together with macabre circus performers and sad clown faces definitely presents a unique and fashion forward clothing line that begs for attention and compliments. To wear Desigual is to be bold, fashion forward and open-minded. It is not so often that a clothing line comes along that inspires happiness and celebrates the wonderfulness that is life! Desigual offers clothing and accessories for women, men and children, ensuring that all people can partake in their positive bright clothing; it is also interesting to note that Desigual has kitchen, bedroom and bathroom lines.

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A must have brand
I have a wardrobe full of Desigual stuff. Love this brand and a Prague branch was professional like everywhere else in the world.

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A world of unique colors and patterns

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