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James Dean - Authentic US diner style restaurant

We invite you to the original American restaurant straight in the centre of Prague. Immediately after entrance you are impressed by a monumental handmade column made from 60 pieces of splittings ceramics, which creates picture of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.
Academical master worked on this amazing work for 3 months.

Pleasure seatings are guaranteed by an authentic US diner style furniture, which is inspired by Chevrolet Bel Air’s armchairs from 1952. This furniture is made to order for James Dean Restaurant.

The booths are large and big comfortable chairs are wrapped in bright red and white vinyl. The furniture is made to order for the James Dean Restaurant. 

The massive wooden bar that is an incredible 16 metres long is a masterpiece in itself. It is decorated with Elektra’s coffee machine “Belle Epoque” from the famous motive Java Dreams, where you can see “a Holy Trinity” of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley standing at the bar with the same type of coffee machine. 

We are also proud to have a Coca-Cola cash register on the bar. It is a fully functional model (type No. 721) and when it is opened, you will be able to hear the typical “cash” sound, known as Cha-Ching. Next to the entrance you will notice a Seeburg Coca-Cola Jukebox from 1949 that is very well preserved and fully functional. It is unique and is also the only one in Europe. The wooden stalls and mirrors are decorated with 15 pictures, all of which have been hand made using the air brush method. Every piece is an original with each of them taking 3-5 days to create.

The toilets on both floors are an attraction for curious photographers. The toilet that is located on the upper floor is styled in the “Pop-Art” of Andy Warhol. Even the urinals have rare items, such as kisses, designed for JFK New York airport, USA. The space behind the podium is dominated by the imposing silhouette of James Dean on his motorbike, which is hand-painted on to the red bricks. The same motorbike actually hangs above the podium in a real size. It is an original from 1955 – the phenomenal Triumph 1955 Trophy.

If you continue downstairs, it will feel like you are in an old American Underground. When you get to the basement, you are suddenly in the middle of an American petrol station. Here, you are able to sit on a sofa which is made from a part of the Lincoln Continental HardTop Sedan. The remainder of the car is situated in the Lincoln’s lounge where you can also find an original parking meter from the USA as well as black and white leather car seats.

Next to the Lincoln’s lounge is a garage where curious visitors can find an old, authentic rusty gas station. You are able to leave your drinks on three cracked barrels and enjoy the view of the collection of jerry cans. 

The dance floor is dominated by a hand-forged solid cage where you can admire the dancers in sexy retro costumes. The entire space of the music club is decorated with industrial elements from old factories (lights, valves, alarm clocks, pipes, tubes, etc.).

The whole bar is lined with Harley Davidson leather seats and is just like Dean’s most famous movie “Rebel Without a Cause (1955)”.

Only a careful observer will appreciate the great collectible value of the items originating from the 50’s: registration marks, photos, objects of everyday necessity etc. All signs are an original vintage from the American 50’s.

At James Dean, we aim to provide you with the most intensive music experience. To allow us to do this, we use the best sound equipment from an American Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) and QSC.

It took just 4 months to extensively reconstruct this area, were we imported 14 tons of iron and other metal elements.

James Dean is the only place in the Czech Republic that offers Vanilla Coca-Cola, special Bio Juices (Organic Village) and Organic Bio Tea NUMI.

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This place is a must visit on your Prague trip.
An American Diner theme with American breakfast combination which was nice and very reasonably priced. Really loved the restaurant!

A killer restaurant!
A different kind of restaurants. Brought me back in time -a big plus was the interior and also the costumes on the staff. American style with great food and top burgers!

Hezké servírky! Top šejky a burgery!

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Prague&Me - James Dean
James Dean
Authentic US diner style restaurant

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