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The first restaurant in Prague that offers new services – a professional beer sommelier. Visitors have just for them an experienced local beer guide for incredible offer of forty kinds of beers - Belgian pils type, Trappist, monastery, Belgian specials on tap, bottled, with different percentages of alcohol and nonalcoholic ...
In the Belgian Beer Cafe Les Moules you can simply taste the best that any Belgian pubs has to offer so there is no need to change the restaurant.

MUSSELS FOR YOU... Our mussels are cultivated close to Logstor city - middle part of west coast of Denmark, these mussels are called linemussels... they are fished by our fisherman Mr. Kaj ... never longer than 12 hours from fishing to your table and mussels are fresh 10 days stored in fridge by zero celsius optimal storage temperature, our advantage is that we import them ourselfs from one suplier and they are not mixed from different regions. Very important for best quality!!!

Cultivate is based 500 meters from the coast on line, they grow 2 years, shells are clean and meat contains more 40 % large as the wild mussels, fantastic taste already as NATUR.

Roman Dolejš, Chef La Gare Restaurants says: “Still trying something new”. He cooked on a luxury ocean cruiser, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, but he prefers his work in a luxury resort on the private island of Saing Peter. Here he cooked for NHL or NBA stars, Hollywood stars such as Denzel Washingotona or Bill Gates. The best recipes, which can be cooked at home, published in his cookbook “Men themselves”. At the present is Roman Dolejš chef the La Gare Group restaurants in Prague.

About his work he says: “I love French cuisine, because it is an inspiration to all and other cuisine, based on traditional recipes and flavors. And because this kitchen must really cook experienced chef, it contains complex and long cooking techniques that are simply not for a beginner. It's not a simple cuisine because it is still best in the world. French cuisine should be listed in the World List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.” New menus for La Gare Group are exactly according to his wishes. There is a typical French products (oysters, roosters, wine, frog legs, sausages, duck liver). Also noteworthy innovations are for example in the Brasserie La Gare served as of first time in Czech Republic Canard a la presse.

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A big recommendation!
I went there with my friend to grab a beer but we decided to stay for dinner.
Mussels and shrimps. Both absolutely amazing. Mussels on wine with baked bagguette, shrimps on garlic and olive oil.
Great staff, especially the tall blonde lovely girl :)

Arnold Swartz
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Prague&Me - Les Moules
Les Moules
Belgian Beer Cafe Les Moules...

Pařížská 19
Prague 1

+420 222 315 022


Opening daily 11:30-24:00