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PAUL - Unique pastries, breads, cakes and desserts

Currently PAUL network has more than 400 bakeries worldwide. Each month we serve our unique pastries, breads, cakes and desserts, as well as bagels around five million customers only in France.
PAUL also offers light meals in French style. Sweet and delicious cakes, simple dishes and mixed salads, all prepared on site and provide the perfect light lunch for our customers.

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It does it for me!
My thing - a vanilla macaroon with a cup of cappuccino is heavenly.

M S Charlotte
Most delicious tarts you can find at Paul's. We found a few of them, one in Palladium shopping center, on Prikope street too. A cosy place for a quick coffee break.

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Prague&Me - PAUL
Unique pastries, breads, cakes and desserts

Václavské námÄ›stí 46
Prague 1


Opening hours:
Mon - Sat 7:30-22:00