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Prague&Me - Pizza Nuova
Prague&Me - Pizza Nuova
Prague&Me - Pizza Nuova

Pizza Nuova - A true Napoli pizza!

Italian restaurant chain Ambiente is primarily known for offers of real Italian pastas, pizzas and / or salad buffet system, all you can eat. The certificate holder of genuine Neapolitan pizza.
It is our pleasure to bake traditional Naples-style pizzas for you. Their exceptional taste comes from using the best San Marzano and Pienolo tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and olive oil. Our pizzas are hand rolled according to the guarded tradition of Verace Pizza Napoletana. We bake them in a traditional oven using a beech wood fire.

"If you think about great pizza places, it's just the topping that changes. So the real art for the pizza is the base. If you look at the margherita, which is the absolute classic, there are rules in Italy that govern it. They say the topping should not go above 60 degrees; when you put a basil leaf on top, it should come out green. In order to do that, the oven must be 200- 260°C, and the pizza has to cook in less than a minute. Take a proper Neapolitan pizza, for instance. There's no crispiness to it at all; they're soft and wet. If you pick it up and fold it in half, it should almost fall down, but the dough is really light. It's funny, the only place I've had a pizza like that outside of Naples was, bizarrely, in Prague in a place called Ambiente Pizza Nuova ( If someone gets that right in this country, it will really take off."

taken from: gq-magazine

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Re: Pizza Nuova
If you are with children, you must find this restaurant. Kids menu and a playground can help you in managing your children.
Pizza is a real Napoli Italian, pasta is good even if a little bit overcooked for my taste. All in all - very very good.

Rachael S.
Re: Pizza Nuova
An amazing steak with black truffle oil. Cheap! A bottle of good red wine and a lovely starter of beef Carpaccio with some parmesan. Restaurant has plenty to offer. Waiters were great and helpful with further information and even the chef brought out my meal. Good good good.

Re: Pizza Nuova
Jsem milovník italské kuchyně a Ambiente mám velmi rád. Tuhle restauraci si vychvaluje i můj italský kamarád. Doporučuji všem!

Jáchym J.
Amazing Pizza!
The food was amazing. Probably the most tasty pizza I've had in a long time. Location was also very nice. Friendly service- was a bit slow as the place was packed but was not bad at all. You must go here if in Prague.

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Prague&Me - Pizza Nuova
Pizza Nuova
A true Napoli pizza!

Revoluční 1
Prague 1
+420 221 803 308


Opening daily 11:30 – 23:30